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Adult School of Montclair, Fall 2009 Supply List

Beginner’s Quilting

There is a dizzying variety of supplies and tools available to the modern quilter. A small investment in proper tools for marking and cutting will make your life easier and will give you better results.

For this class there are a few things you cannot do without for the first class, some items that you will definitely need later on, and some items that you will probably want to own if you continue with quilting.

Bring these to the first class:
Fabric: To start, at least three different cotton quilting fabrics. They can be solids or prints or a mix, and should be per yard washed and ironed. 1/2 yard cuts are fine. (But if there’s a particular fabric you fall in love with, and want use a lot of in your quilt, get more). Cost:
Scissors: A good pair of shears for cutting fabric. A pair for cutting paper and plastic. Small scissors or snips for cutting thread Cost:
Needles: A package of sharps (regular hand-sewing needles) Cost:
Pins: Glass-head pins are fine. Clover flower-head pins are really nice, but cost more. Cost:
Thread: Hand-sewing thread in a neutral color. Cost:
Template plastic: Cost:
Graph paper: A few sheets with ” markings. You can print a few sheets from the Internet for free if you don’t have any  
Marking supplies: Pencils (cheap mechanical ones are good), or regular #2 pencils and a sharpener. A pen for template plastic. Cost:
  A piece of fine or extra-fine sandpaper. (It comes in rectangles at the hardware store). .75 A piece of scrap cardboard the same size as or bigger than the sandpaper. .75
A C-Thru or similar graph ruler Cost:
You will need these later:
More fabric:    
Batting This comes in cotton, synthetics, and blends and in varying thicknesses. If several people are using the same kind we can split the cost a large bat and share it. Cost:
Chalk pencils or other marking tools Cost:
Quilting needles ("Betweens") Cost:
Quilting thread or floss for tying Cost:
Quilting stencils Depending on pattern used Cost:
Optional: A cheap calculator will save you time and aggravation when you figure out how much fabric you need. Cost:
You will probably want:
Acrylic rulers for cutting: If you only get one 61/2”x 24” is a good useful size Cost:
Self-healing mat: Cost:
Rotary cutter: Cost:
Spare blades for rotary cutter: (It comes out much cheaper if you buy them in Packs of 5 or 10). Cost:
  If you piece by machine, a ” foot, this may have come with your machine. If purchased separately, cost varies with type of machine.  
The total cost of materials and tools will be somewhere between $195 and $260. It will be considerably less if you already have basic sewing supplies. This estimate does not include the cost of special feet for sewing machines.